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Blue Mini Medallion | Contemporary Fit

$270.00 $270.00

15.5 (39 EU)
15.75 (40 EU)
16 (41 EU)
16.5 (42 EU)
17 (43 EU)
17.5 (44 EU)

Contemporary Fit

Eton's classic poplin shirt refreshed by an optical medallion print. A perfect option that works both for busy office days and after-work events. Smooth poplin fabric with a wrinkle-free quality keeps you fresh 24/7. Eton so-called plain poplin is anything but plain: with its tightly closed weave, it has a uniquely smooth and soft surface, for a thin, cool but strong and durable fabric with a beautiful drape. By refining the texture, Eton has crafted a Signature Poplin, ideal for complex woven and printed patterns. - Soft and comfortable - Wrinkle Free - Tie/ not

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