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Multi-Spot Sock


Part of the Pantherella Modern collection, the Somerford compact spun cotton socks bring bold patterns to create a range of wearable, modern patterns.Innovations in spinning technology have resulted in a completely rounded yarn with zero pilling, which knits into wonderfully soft and durable socks.The Somerford socks are the perfect savvy socks that adds a dash of individualism to complete the look.

Pantherella's Signature 'Seamless' Toe

The Somerford Men's socks feature the famous Pantherella 'seamless' toe, for a virtually undetectable, extremely comfortable, flat seam.

Made In England Since 1937

Made at our factory in Leicester, England, since 1937, by generations of skilled workers; Pantherella socks are unrivalled for their quality, style and comfort. 

  • Soft and durable
  • Crafted from the finest 'Compact' spun Egyptian cotton, giving them unequalled comfort and strength
  • Modern collection
  • Multi spot design
  • Seamless toe for extreme comfort
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