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Skull of Renewal Cufflinks | White Fossil Dinosaur Bone


Hand carved 2 dimensional White Colorado Dinosaur bone skull cufflinks set in with white rhodium plated sterling backs. White Dinosaur bone is one of the rarest of the colors.  Rough specimens can fetch upwards of $2,000.00 a pound.  The word Dinosaur comes from the Greek word "dino" which means "great and fearful." Dino bone or Gembone is formed from the petrified remains of dinosaur bones and believed to be filled with energy, wisdom and magic. Symbolizing health, these hand carved skulls are a perfect gift for the Head Doctor, Grateful Dead enthusiast, Harley Davidson aficionado, or just the badass. Because these are fossils, there may be variations in color and grain, no two pairs are alike, just the way Spivey prefers.

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