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Stonehenge Bracelet | Sodalite


Stonehenge bracelet with sodalite in sterling silver

Sodalite beads are paired with 2-microns rose gold-plated sterling silver discs and 5 black rhodium-plated sterling silver beads, each crafted and carved by hand to create a unique and contrasting texture. A closed, elastic bracelet, which extends seamlessly over your hand. Decorate your wrist with our stones of the world. The color and natural formation of our gemstones differ from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind. 

Size: Large

Material: 2-microns rose gold-plated sterling silver.

Stone: Sodalite's name refers to the sodium content within the stone. Sodalite comes in many variants of blue. Found in Bahia, Namibia and India. Associated with creativity and increasing your communication skills.

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