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Trofeo Cotton Shirt | White

$490.00 $490.00

15 (38 EU)
15.5 (39 EU)
15.75 (40 EU)
16 (41 EU)
16.5 (42 EU)
17 (43 EU)
17.5 (44 EU)
18 (46 EU)

Thanks to its extra long, premium cotton fibers, the white Trofeo™ tailoring shirt has an exceptionally smooth and refined finish. Presented in a versatile colorway, this wrinkle-resistant material is perfect for contemporary lifestyles.  Trofeo™ cotton is especially suitable for shirts: the cotton is hand-picked and only the finest, longest fibers are used to make garments that stay silky smooth and wrinkle-resistant over time. 

  • Regular fit
  • Spread collar
  • Standard cuffs
  • Round bottom
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
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